PĀ ORA - Get live alerts of COVID-19 locations of interest here


PĀ ORA - Making Connections

PĀ ORA has been developed to help you access MoH and community intel about locations of interest, vaccination buses, as well as vaccination sites and testing stations.

Mapping Tool

PĀ ORA has been created to map out vaccination sites, testing sites, mobile vaccination clinics/buses and locations of interest – in a way that whānau can easily access and understand.

Up to date Information

PĀ ORA pulls down information from the Ministry of Health and Healthpoint and has a notification service for whānau that will let you know via email and/or cell phone, when a new location of interest arises in your rohe.

Community Response

PĀ ORA is a tool that can enable a fast, accurate community response straight to whānau.

Search by location in the address bar below. To get live alerts of locations of interest near you, click 'Notify Me'.

Why was this developed?

Because not all the information about these areas is currently being displayed in public, in a way that is accessible, and in a way that we understand. It is also covered by a Māori data sovereignty kaupapa.

Any further questions?

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